Special Login context

Axigen Administration via CLI


The login context is used only for authentication and has the following commands: HELP, USER, EXIT/QUIT, SET. The USER command usage is USER <username>.

This context is associated with the maxAuthErrors config parameter: when this parameter is exceeded, the connection is closed; the maxAuthCommands parameter also applies to this context: if the number of commands issued is greater (with or without error), the connection is closed.

In this context, global options can be set. The CONSOLE-CODES option allows console codes used for colors to be turned on/off. The QUIET option, if set to on, will display in all contexts and with all commands only the minimum amount of text needed to present the information, thus making the output script friendly.

If the CONSOLE_CODES option is set to off, the password will also be visible in the command line (not applicable if connecting through a script).