Special Reporting context

Axigen Administration via CLI

This context is for viewing various reports for the server. It has the BACK command for switching back to the Root context but does not have COMMIT/DONE because it is a read-only context.

The commands available are: VIEW COUNTERS with a parameter of all, others and domain. If domain is the parameter, a value must be specified, that is, a list of domains separated by "+". The list must be in double quoted format. Another command is VIEW QUEUE which displays a snapshot of the mail queue and information on the emails in processing stage.

The VIEW COUNTERS domain command, makes a sum of all counter of the domains given as parameters. If a domain does not exist, it will not be counted in the sum. This means, to an extent, that if the list is made of one or more domains that do not exist, the list will show for all counters, a value of 0.