Special Server context

Axigen Administration via CLI

The server context is where the server configuration is started. It has commands for entering the configuration context of every service for configuring filters and domain database locations, etc.

It has the common commands CANCEL, COMMIT, HELP, QUIT/EXIT, and SHOW. The SHOW command will show the value parameters of the server like services, primaryDomain, etc. In the case of the services parameters, it will show the services started but it is updated only when the server context is entered or left with commit or cancel. So, if a service was stopped while in the server context, it will not show up stopped.

The SET command, will set the one or more param-value pairs that are given as parameters. In the case of the services value parameter, it will stop or start the services only when COMMIT is issued. If CLI is removed from the list of services, it will be stopped at COMMIT but it will show up as started when SHOW is issued.

The ADD FILTER command, takes 3 parameter-value pairs because the respective values are required.

The commands for configuring the services are CONFIG <SERVICE_NAME> and the context will switch to the one corresponding to that specific service.

From this context domains database locations can be managed. Thus there are functions to LIST, ADD, REMOVE, CREATE and DESTROY a domain database location. Before a location can be added, it must be created, otherwise the commit command will fail and no location will be added. The CREATE command, aside from the path, takes an additional parameter: an unique id that has to be from 0 to 255. It is impossible to add two locations with the same id on the server's list.