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How to Make a Reliable Marketing Plan for an ISP Company

Feb 16, 2021  •  5 min. read

ISP advertising is not as easy as 20 years ago. Here’s what a marketing plan for an ISP company should include now to be effective.

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DKIM: What Is It, How Does It Work, and Why Is It Important?

Feb 12, 2021  •  4 min. read

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method that improves email deliverability and security. How does DKIM work? We’ll take a closer look.

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The Complete Axigen Account Management Guide for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Feb 08, 2021  •  5 min. read

This guide is designed for MSP clients of Axigen that want to add more users, create & assign classes, and complete migration.

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How To Improve Customer Retention In The Telecom Industry

Jan 20, 2021  •  3 min. read

Telco companies have one of the biggest churn rates. By following the tactics in this article, providers can improve customer retention in the telecom industry.

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what does greylisted mean

What Does Greylisted Mean and How Does It Affect My Emails?

Jan 18, 2021  •  2 min. read

Being greylisted means your emails don't show up in recipients' inboxes, but it's not permanent. See what greylisted means and how to fix it.

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Building a Product on Top of Axigen Is a Breeze, and It Could Also Help You!

Jan 05, 2021  •  4 min. read

A new way to use Axigen with an innovative & easy-to-use dashboard simplifying the process of managing all the moving parts needed to sign up new customers.

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How to Check If Your Mail Server Is Blacklisted

Dec 14, 2020  •  4 min. read

Check if your mail server is blacklisted in 5 minutes: Determine potential blacklist type, gather data you need to verify, and use these tools to check!

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The IceWarp Alternative For Higher Scalability And Lower Costs

Nov 26, 2020  •  4 min. read

A thorough comparison between platforms that shows why Axigen is a better IceWarp alternative.

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How To Choose The Right Email Server Provider: The Decision Process And Expert Advice

Nov 03, 2020  •  5 min. read

Service providers need a mail server solution that can cater to thousands mailboxes. Find out how you can choose the right email server provider for you.

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what-is-cloud-nativeWhat Is Cloud-Native?

What Is Cloud Native? Exploring the Definition and Benefits

Oct 19, 2020  •  4 min. read

In this article, we explain what is cloud-native and its benefits compared to the on-premise software approach.

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