Allowing / Forbidding Features for a User

Axigen Documentation

As an administrator, you can restrict or allow users to make use of the available Axigen features, to enforce password policies, to set mailbox quotas, and to define the default WebMail options for an account.

The "Quotas and Restrictions" context allows you to configure the account settings, such as:

  • Quotas


    You can set the maximum allowed mailbox size or limit the folder size. The user can also be notified if it reaches its maximum allowed quota.


  • Password policies

  • The use of Outlook Connector

  • The "Webmail Options" context allows you to set the default settings for the WebMail interface, such as the WebMail theme, language, or how many messages should be displayed on a single page:


  • Access to the contacts from the Public Contacts or Domain Contacts folders can be allowed or restricted:


  •  And you can also set a default text that will be appended to all messages sent by the user: