Creating an Administrative User

Installing Axigen

Axigen features delegated administration options, which enable the easy creation of administrative groups with predetermined membership hierarchies and permissions, assigned to specific domains. The "Administration Rights" section gives access to parameters configuring the behavior of such administrative users, or imposing the limitations for each type of administrative user created.

For example, to quickly create a domain administrator go to "Administration Rights → Administrative Users" and click on the "Add administrative user" button.

After defining the administrative username, password, and optionally the display name, click on the "Advanced Config" link to add the permissions for this user.

In the "General" tab, you can edit the account login credentials.

Moving forward to the "Membership" tab, you can add this user to an administrative group, if any.

The "Permissions" tab allows you to edit the rights for the user. In order to allow an administrative user to manage the accounts from a domain:

  1. Click on "Add domain permissions"
  2. Select "Specific Domain"
  3. Type the name of the domain
  4. Select "Manage Accounts" from the "Permissions" drop-down menu.

You will be able to view the permissions for the user by using the "Effective Permissions" (info) context.