DNS Prerequisites

Axigen Documentation

In order to send and receive email, the Axigen Server must be configured in DNS with both A, AAAA (if you plan on sending and receiving email over IPv6) and MX records. For sending mail, the Axigen SMTP Sending service uses DNS to resolve hostnames and email-routing information (using the internal DNR - Domain Name Resolver service). To receive mail, the MX record of the DNS domains that Axigen will handle must be configured correctly to route the message to the mail server.

Configure a good reverse DNS for your Email Server by making sure that the IP address that you send email from has reverse DNS that resolves to a hostname, and in return, that hostname, resolves back to the sending IP Address.

Assume you have a domain example.com and your mail server is on mail.example.com, IPv4 and IPv6 a02:2a00:2c00:13::6, your DNS queries should be as follows:

  • For the MX record:

  • For the A record (IPv4):

  • For the AAAA record (IPv6):

  • For the reverse lookup (IPv4):

  • For the reverse lookup (IPv6):