Installing Axigen on Linux

Axigen Documentation

This page is the installation guide for Axigen X4+ (10.4.0+). For older versions, see Installing Axigen on Linux (Axigen X2 & X3)

This section describes the steps for installing / uninstalling Axigen for Linux. For additional information, you can also consult the Install file included in the installation kit.

The installation kit is a standard Linux package specific to the platform and OS flavor that you have downloaded it for (rpm / deb).

How to Install Axigen

After downloading the installation kit file, run the installer package as root:

RPM based distros

DEB based distros

The Axigen license will be displayed using the "less" or "more" pager application, whichever is found on the system. To quit the pager application, after reading the license, the "q" key must be pressed. The license has to be accepted, in order to continue with installation, by typing "yes", when the wizard asks for it.


Now, that the installation is complete, Axigen will be started automatically.

Your next step is to open the WebAdmin, as instructed by the installer.

How to Uninstall Axigen

You can uninstall Axigen by issuing the following command as root:

RPM based distros

DEB based distros