Starting / Stopping / Restarting Axigen

Installing Axigen

This section lists common commands meant to start / stop / restart the server the and the axigenfilters script for various Linux distributions, FreeBSD, and Windows.

The axigenfilters script manages (starts, stops and restarts) the Bundled SpamAssassin, the AxiMilter, the Axigen Signing Module and the Axigen Verifying Module. For the axigenfilters script commands, replace "axigen" with "axigenfilters" in all the commands below.


For RedHat, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, and SUSE distributions:

  • You can start the server with the following command:

  • To stop the server, issue:

  • In order to restart the Axigen daemon (in order to reload the new configuration settings, for instance), you can use the "restart" parameter:

  • To view the status of the Axigen demon, you can pass the "status" parameter:


In Windows, Axigen can be started / stopped via the Services console from Administrative Tools. You can open the Services Console:

  • From the Control Panel as expanded menu:

  • From the Control Panel as window switched to "Category view":

  • From the Control Panel as window switched to "Classic view":

  • To Start the Services console directly from command line: