Setting Up the WebAdmin Service

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Configuring WebAdmin Remote Access

To configure the WebAdmin service for remote access, you can either do so when configuring it within the Axigen Configuration Wizard, or by modifying the IP/port combination in the axigen.cfg configuration file.

Via the Axigen Configuration File

  1. In the webadmin {} context, configure the default listener:

  2. You need to set in the listener's address parameter the IP address of the machine on which Axigen is installed. Or, you can set this parameter to (in this case, the listener will listen to all machine interfaces). When accessing the Axigen WebMail, you need to replace the IP from the URL with the IP address of the machine on which the Axigen mail server is installed. For example, if the machine running Axigen has the IP address, change the IP/port data under Server → WebAdmin → Listeners → Address to match your IP / port:

    Remember to reload your Axigen mail server after each change in the configuration files.

  3. Check the system log file(s) for confirmation that the WebAdmin service is correctly loaded. The system log file should display a message similar to the one below:

You can now log into the WebAdmin.

Start your favorite browser and enter the IP / port pair you have configured. In the example set above, the default address is

Log in using the admin username and the password you have previously set.