Installing Axigen on Windows

Installing Axigen

This section describes how to install the Axigen messaging solution on the supported Microsoft Windows Server operating systems (also see the complete list of Axigen supported platforms).

Axigen installations steps:

  1. Launch the Axigen installation wizard

    Double-click on the MSI installation file. The installation wizard will then be launched and guide you through the installation steps.

  2. Configure Axigen

    After the installation completes, the Axigen Configuration Wizard will start and help you automatically configure the Axigen mail server. Please refer to the Automated Configuration with the Axigen Configuration Wizard for Microsoft Windows section for complete information and screen-shots.

  3. Start Axigen

    Read the Starting / Stopping / Restarting section for information on how to start Axigen on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Files / directories installed by the Axigen package:

The files and directories installed by the Axigen package are divided in 2 locations, called "install directory" and "working directory". They will be further referred to as INSTALLDIR and WORKINGDIR. By default, both locations are set in the Program Files folder from the system disk partition (%ProgramFiles%), and the "Axigen Mail Server" subfolder.

Steps to uninstall Axigen

You can uninstall the Axigen messaging solution from your system using the "Add or Remove Programs" option. Please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the "Start" menu of your Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 operating system and left-click on the "Control Panel" icon.
  2. From Control Panel:
    • as window switched to "Category view", double-click on the "Add or Remove Programs "option.
    • as window switched to "Classic view", left-click on "Add or Remove Programs".
  3. A list of all the installed programs on your MS Windows system will appear. Look for the "Axigen Mail Server" entry and select it with a left-click.
  4. Use the "Remove" button to uninstall Axigen from your system.