Accessing/ Leaving the Standard WebMail

Axigen Documentation

Connecting to the Axigen WebMail

Usually, the Webmail interface should be accessed via a specific URL that is provided by the administrator of the respective Axigen server. If you do not know the address where you can access the Webmail interface, you should contact your mail server administrator.

To connect to the Axigen WebMail, enter the hostname or IP:port combination where your Axigen WebMail service is running, in your browser's address bar. When accessing the WebMail from the machine on which Axigen is installed, the default address is


In the window displayed when accessing the Webmail URL, enter the username and password provided by the system administrator.

If the respective Webmail login page is used for accessing multiple domains, then the domain selection box will be present at the right of the username text box, as shown in the screenshot below. Select your domain from the related box if the "select a domain" entry is present.

If your administrator has allowed you to access the AJAX WebMail interface also, then the "Switch to AJAX interface" will be present in the login page. Use this link to switch to the AJAX Webmail interface.


To close the current WebMail session, click the "Logout" link in the right upper corner of the page, next to the username and the "Settings" link.