Custom personal folders

Axigen Documentation

From both WebMail and MS Outlook, you can create a special folder types: "Mail", "Calendar", "Tasks", "Journal", "Contacts", "Notes". Each special folder has type-specific view to display its contents (i.e. calendar view(s) for calendar-type folders, contacts view for contact-type folders and so on).


Aside from its specific view, each special folder type has a list view which consists of a list of objects in that folder. The list view has more pages so the user can view only a few items at a time. When editing an object in the list view, the application remembers the page so that after the object is updated the position in the list is not lost.

After the folder creation, the folder type cannot be modified.

For special public folders, all action buttons are displayed, regardless of the permissions. When editing an item, the action buttons in the edit pop-up are displayed or not, depending on the permissions. For example, if the current user does not have the "Edit" (i.e. delete & create) permission, the "Save" button will not appear; moreover, all input controls will be disabled.