Working with Contacts in the Standard WebMail

Axigen Documentation

To add new entries to your address book, access the "Contacts" folder from the folder tree. You can either add them one by one or import an existing address book.

The address book files you wish to import must be in standard CSV format - Comma Separated Values

Any newly created mailbox has access, by default, to two public contact folders, that can be found under the public folder root: "Domain contacts" and "Public contacts".

The "Domain contacts" folder is read-only: no items can be modified or created in it, it cannot be deleted or renamed, no folders can be added to it, no permissions may be changed on it.

This applies for all users in the domain, including postmaster!

The content of this folder is automatically and dynamically updated by the server and contains all the email addresses for recipients in the domain.

"Public contacts" can be added, by default, only by the domain's postmaster.

Another contacts folder crated by default is "Collected addresses", which holds addresses that are automatically added to this folder, if the related options are enabled. There are two scenarios in which addresses are automatically added to "Collected addresses":

  • if the related "Automatically add recipients from sent messages to Collected addresses" option is enabled via the Ajax WebMail interface;
  • if the "Identity Confirmation" anti-spam method is enabled, then recipients that reply to the confirmation requests will be automatically added to "Collected addresses".