Creating a new task

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Task details

When creating a new task, first type a subject in the corresponding text field, then set the task's completion deadline using the "Due Date" selection box. Use the left and right arrows of the selection calendar to switch between months of a certain year and the double left and right arrows to switch between different years.

To successfully define a time frame for the task, also configure the "Start date", using the corresponding selection box. Furthermore, you can prioritize tasks using the "Priority" drop-down menu. Available options are: "Low", "Normal" and "High".

Should you like to be prompted before the start of a certain task, check the "Reminder" box and set your desired time interval. You can also use the available text field to type in any details or explanations regarding your current task.

Adding recurrence

By hitting the "Recurrence" button, you can set the task to be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis or according to a defined recurrence pattern. Depending on the recurrence pattern you select, you can access more detailed options:

  • "Daily" - you can have the task repeated every weekday by checking the corresponding option, Every weekday, or you can have it repeated every 2,3, x days by checking the corresponding option;

  • "Weekly" - you can check a certain day of the week for the recurrence;
  • "Monthly" - you can specify a certain day of every month (e.g. 25th of every month or every 2 months), or select from the other available options: first / second / third / fourth / last - day / weekday / weekend day / Sunday / Monday etc. of every 1 / 2 / etc. months; for example, you can set a task that occurs on the first weekday of every month;

As the number of days differs depending on the month, if you set a task for the 31st, it will be scheduled in the last day of each month with 30 or less days.

  • "Yearly" - you can set the task to occur on a certain day of a certain month (e.g. January 25th) or you can select from the other available options: first / second / third / fourth / last - day / weekday / weekend day / Sunday / Monday etc. of every January / February / etc. months; for example, you can set a seminar attendance task for each first weekend day of every March.

Then set the "Range of recurrence" for your task. Click the "Start" selection box to select a date. The task can be repeated incessantly if you choose the "No end date" option. Alternately, you can have it ended after a number of instances, by checking the "End after x occurrences" option and setting the desired number of repeats, or set an "End by" date by clicking the related selection box.


When you are done setting the task recurrence, hit "OK". To abort the recurrence, hit Cancel. For already defined recurrence details, hit "Remove Recurrence" to prevent the task from repeating.

Assigning tasks

When hitting the "Assign task" button, a new text field and a "To" button are added in the upper side of the task editing window. If you want to abort inviting process, press the "Cancel Assignment" button that replaces the initial "Assign task" option.

You can either type the email addresses of the persons you want to assign the task to, or you can access your existing contacts by hitting the "To" button. When accessing your contacts using the "To" button, a new pop-up window will appear, allowing you to choose which contacts to assign the task to, as shown below. You can also filter your contacts by type, using one of the available options: "All contacts", "My contacts", "Public contacts" and "Domain contacts".

Select the email address(es) of the contact(s) you want to have the task assigned to with a mouse click, then press the "To" button. To select several contacts, press "Ctrl" on your keyboard. To delete a contact from the list of assignees, click their email address in the right hand pane and press "Delete" on your keyboard. When you are done selecting assignees, press "OK" to have the email assignments sent to them. To discard the assigning process, hit "Cancel".

When assigning tasks to others, the editing window will also be modified. A new tab called "Attendees" will be added, showing the course of action taken by those you have selected. The possible statuses are "Accepted", "Declined" and "Needs action".

Reminder options

To be prompted before the start of a certain task, make sure that you check the "Reminder" box when creating / editing a task and set the desired time, before the start of the event, when the reminder pop-up will be shown.

If you have chosen to be reminded of a certain task, at a specified time, a pop-up will appear at the given time and date. If no action is taken, it will reappear each time the Standard WebMail interface is automatically refreshed. The time period depends on the refresh settings configured in the "Settings" -> "WebMail Data" page. Alternatively, you can have the reminder postponed using the available snooze options, by choosing a repeat interval in the corresponding drop-down menu and by hitting the "Snooze" button.

If the auto-refresh option is disabled, reminders will not function!


If you want to see the details of a task you are reminded of, press the "Open Item" button. To dismiss a certain task, click to select it, then press the "Dismiss" button. When a task is dismissed, it is also removed from the reminders window. Use the "Dismiss All" button to discard all pending tasks.

Further settings that determine the tasks behavior need to be set on the "Settings" -> "WebMail Data" page. Each user needs to set the correct "Time Zone" and the "Week start date", in order to have task deadlines and start times displayed correctly.