Setting RPOP Connections

Axigen Documentation

When first accessing the "RPOP Connections" tab, a list of the already defined connections is displayed. If no connections have been previously set, the list will be blank.

Editing existing RPOP Connections

To delete a RPOP connection, click the Delete icon corresponding to it. To edit a connection, click the Edit icon corresponding to its name. Whether you are adding or editing a RPOP connection, the parameters you need to configure are the same.

Adding new RPOP Connections

In order to add a new connection, press the "Add connection" link.

Specify the name or IP address of the host from which the emails are retrieved by using the "Hostname" field. To set the port on which the retrieval from the desired host is made, use the "Port" field.

Use the "Username" and "Password" fields to specify the authentication details needed to connect for email retrieval.

Use the "Retrieval interval" field to specify the minimum interval, in minutes, between two email retrievals. Then specify a certain email folder where you want the emails stored by using the "Folder name" field. You can also select if email messages are deleted or not from the remote server after retrieval, using the Delete on retrieval drop-down box

If you want your emails to be stored in a folder that is not on the root level, you can use the "/" separator to specify the path to your folder (e.g. if you want your emails to be stored in the "Personalmail" folder, which has already been created under "INBOX", the full path to your folder will be INBOX/Personalmail).

In the "Security" section, select from the "Encryption" drop-down menu the desired type of encryption used on the RPOP connection you are configuring. The available options are "none", "SSL" and "TLS". Use the "Enable APOP" drop-down box to specify if you want to enable APOP authentication for the respective connection.

Emails from "Yahoo Mail" or "Google Mail" accounts can now be added in a simpler way, by using the dedicated RPOP templates.

Click "Add Yahoo Mail", fill in the account name, password, set the retrieval settings and click the "Save connection" button to create a new RPOP entry containing default configurations for the "Yahoo!" email service.

You can also create a new RPOP entry containing default configurations for the "Google Mail" service by clicking the "Add Google Mail" link. Fill in the account name, password and set the retrieval settings.

By default, a new folder is created in Inbox named 'Google mail' or 'Yahoo mail'. The user can choose not to use the default but instead pick a folder from the list (in this case no new folder is created).

For users having a Yahoo! email address, POP3 access is only available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users.

When you are done configuring these parameters, remember to press the "Save connection" button.