Configuring Account Settings in the Standard WebMail

Axigen Documentation

To access the Standard WebMail account parameters, click "Settings" (at the right upper corner of the interface, next to the Logout link). In this section, users are given access to the following configuration tabs:

  • "Personal Data" - contains options relative to the user's personal details;
  • "WebMail Data" - gives access to settings managing the WebMail behavior;
  • "Filters" - gives access to filters configuration;
  • "Out of office autoresponder" - allows the customization of the out of office (vacation) auto-responder;
  • "Sharing Permissions" - allows you to grand access to your folders, allow other users to see your schedule or send emails on your behalf;
  • "RPOP Connections" - enables you to organize user's communication by retrieving email from other remote accounts;
  • "Blacklist" - allows you to define email addresses you do not wish to receive messages from;
  • "Temporary email" - allows you request one or more temporary email addresses (aliases).