Creating or editing a contact

Axigen Documentation

To create a new contact you can either click the "New contact" button or double-click on an empty line in the contact list.

After this, edit the desired contact details and make sure you press the "Save & Close" button, or use the "Ctrl + Shift + S" keyboard shortcut to save the contact you have just added or the details you have changed.

To cancel the "add" / "edit" action of the opened contact, click the corresponding "Cancel" button in the top-right section of the contact edit window.

General details

In this section you can enter the most commonly used information regarding a contact.

Use the "Email", "First name" and "Last name" text fields to specify the name and email address of the new contact you want to add. To specify the contact's nickname, use the "Nickname" field.

Additional info

The "Additional Info" tab allows you to add more details about your contact.

You can specify a personal email by filling the "Personal email" field, phone numbers in the "Phone" and "Home phone" fields and the home address data in the "Home address" field.

By using the "Business email" field, you can specify the work email address for your new contact. Use the "Business phone" and "Business address" fields to specify the office contact details, and the "Company" field to enter your contact's company name. Finally the "Notes" text field can be used to type any additional information regarding the currently edited contact.