Account Classes

Axigen Documentation

In Axigen, settings are spread within three levels of depth:

  • Server Level – it’s the most general of them all; settings applied at this level propagate throughout the whole system. It is very useful to make changes here that need to apply on all domains. Some service settings are unavailable at this level, such as RPOP configuration.

  • Domain Level – this is the middle ground; the settings configured here override the settings applied on the server level. However, any changes here, affect only the contents of the particular domain being set up (such as existing and future accounts).

  • Account Level – it’s the most localized of all three levels; the account level settings override any other settings. There are some settings that cannot be edited at this level, such as the message appender or socket filter configuration.

The general schematic of the inheritance starts from the Server to the Account level.

Settings are overridden in exactly the opposite way, from the Account level to the Server level.

By default, all new users inherit the domain account defaults settings. However, you can impose specific limitations for users by creating account classes. Instead of inheriting the settings from the domain account defaults the users could inherit settings from the account class.