Axigen UltraStorage™

Axigen Documentation

Using a unique technology that allows storing messages in a special directory structure, Axigen guarantees an effective, fast email flow and optimized space-saving.

Indexed Data Structure

Axigen ensures an optimal balance between the space used for storing indexes and the time to access information by introducing multiple levels of indexes depending on how often information is accessed.

Transactional Access

It provides structural integrity for the stored information by performing transactional data access.

Expandable Storage

You can add subsequent storage units to one domain, thus increasing the available space.

Single Storage of Emails with Multiple Recipients

Only one copy of a message received by multiple recipients is stored, making Axigen particularly useful for distribution lists and groups.

Repairing Corrupted Accounts

If an account’s data becomes corrupted (due to, for instance, disk failure), Axigen allows you to attempt account data recovery.

Domain Renaming

If the domain name changes and users remain the same you can simply rename the domain and users can start using the same accounts, but with new email addresses according to the new domain name.