Axigen Documentation

The reporting service helps you check server activity at global traffic and module level. The server jobs can be overseen by assigning the reporting service to collect data for parameters such as:

  • Inbound WebMail connections

  • IMAP append requests

  • POP3 inbound connection

  • Queue size

  • SMTP outbound connections

  • SYSTEM load average

  • Messages rejected by built-in filters

and many others. The reporting service collects and reports information on 3 levels of administration: server, domain and account, that can be further customized to achieve comparison charts.

Data Collection

All server parameters are automatically collected, with a 1 minute granularity, while the reporting service is running. You may enable or disable, on the reporting service level, collection of parameters for domain scope and account scope.

You may define, for each collector, the following boolean options:

  • Collect per-domain data (default off);

  • Collect per-account data (default off).

Additionally, you may also configure the maximum collection interval, in week increments. If new value is smaller, historic data older than the new value is automatically deleted. A warning is displayed prior to setting a smaller value and deleting old historic data.

Only an administrator that has the "Manage Reporting" on the site level has the permission to modify these service parameters.


You can create charts with the "Manage reporting" site-level permission and with the "Manage domain reporting" permission on a respective domain. However, if the "Manage reporting" site-level permission is not available, the chart can only display data for domains on which the administrator (that created the respective chart) has the "Manage domain reporting" permission on.

When creating a new chart, the following options are available:

  • Chart name

  • Chart group (the chart group in which the chart is created)

  • Timeframe (date / hour start, date / hour end)

  • Displayed data (one or more entries)

    • Parameter

      • Name (POP3 connections, SMTP messages, etc), if a collector (hence collected data) exists

      • Scope

        • Server

        • Domain

        • Domain Object

    • Aggregation Function

      • Average

      • Min

      • Max

      • Total

    • Chart type

    • Fill color

    • Outline color

The displayed chart has the following properties:

  • Ox axis:

    • Scale: defined by user

    • Origin: start date and end date defined by user

    • Value: timestamp for each value according to chart width

  • Oy axis:

    • Scale: selected automatically based on the highest value in the interval

    • Origin: 0

    • Value: the collected value associated with the timestamp on the Ox axis


All chart data is exported in the requested format, in raw form (no downsampling), for the timeframe and all parameters of the respective chart. Data from one chart can be exported in XML or CSV form. The "Export" option may be selected from an already defined chart, also in XML or CSV form. Also a summary can be exported.