Axigen Documentation

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a sender authentication method developed in order to ensure mail server's security by applying different anti-spoofing mechanisms. This mechanism consists in making a DNS request in order to determine whether the mail message comes from an authorized source, which is described in a SPF record, registered on the DNS. SPF records contain domain attributes that uniquely describe mail messages.

The query may have one of the following seven possible results:

  • pass: meaning the message meets the domain's definition for legitimate messages;

  • neutral

  • none

  • soft fail

  • fail: meaning the message does not meet the domain's definition for legitimate messages;

  • temp error

  • permanent error

In case of a permanent error, Axigen rejects the mail message generating the respective error. If a temporary error is generated, the Axigen mail server returns an error message to the sending party. In all other cases the mail message is accepted.