WebMail Interface Themes

Axigen Documentation

The WebMail interface comes in two versions: Standard and the Ajax interface. You can set a default interface that will be provided to users when they access the WebMail link. You can also restrict access to one of the interfaces if you do not wish to use one of the two WebMail alternatives.

Additionally each domain can have its customized WebMail interface by using the Virtual Hosts Template Mapping.

Both the Standard and Ajax interfaces have three skins to choose from: Ocean, Breeze (default), and Neutral. You can choose one of the skins to be the default for all users. However, each user can then modify the default skin using the WebMail settings from the account.

Ajax WebMail interface comes with advanced usability and manageability options. User-centric features such as keyboard navigation and shortcuts, drag-and-drop, live email list view and frequent folders render email related tasks more effective and pain-free, by allowing users to rely on shortcuts and time saving tricks they have already learned while using classic desktop email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

For Service Providers, this innovative WebMail technology brings a series of features aimed to help them create new services and generate additional streams of income. Axigen offers multiple and customizable advertising capabilities, also allowing the integration with third-party ad servers.

The Ajax-powered WebMail can be used in parallel with the standard, localized WebMail interface, users being able to freely switch between interfaces from their login panel.