Internal Distributed User Database

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Since version 8.2, Axigen also supports an intra-cluster communication mechanism using an Internal Distributed User Database. The setup is greatly simplified.

The new type of Internal Distributed User Database, removes this requirement of externalizing the User Database and provides the mechanism for intra-cluster communication and sharing of User list in-between nodes.

This way, all the nodes in an Axigen Cluster, can know the list of accounts that exist on all the Axigen nodes without the need for an external database.

Configuring this type of Axigen Load Balancing Cluster is much easier. In essence you must:

  • configure all the Axigen nodes to share a cluster key and
  • to enter the IPs of all the Front and Back End nodes in all the configuration of all the nodes.

After this initial configuration, all the cluster nodes will begin the intra-cluster communication and should you create an account on back end X, this information will be shared in the cluster via the internal mechanism.