Mobility Features

The Axigen Solution — Overview & Architecture

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Users can access their email and personal info such as contacts, calendar etc., by using Push Email Synchronization or the Mobile WebMail interface.

Push Email & PIM Synchronization via ActiveSync

Handling business operations is now easier when using Axigen's built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support for mobile devices, used for synchronizing Contacts / Calendar / Tasks.

BlackBerry support (Push Email & PIM Sync) via the AstraSync or the NotifySync client

Axigen provides business travelers with instant access to relevant data such as emails, contacts or calendars, regardless of time and location, from their BlackBerry devices, via the AstraSync or the NotifySync client.

  • Push Email & PIM Synchronization

The built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support for mobile devices, through its Push email technology and synchronization of Contacts / Calendar / Tasks, provides road-warriors with instant access to mission critical information such as messages, contacts or appointments.

  • Blackberry Support

The NotifySync and the AstraSync solutions for BlackBerry smart phones complements Axigen's range of already supported mobile devices. It provides organizations of all sizes with two-way, over-the-air synchronization of email messages, contact data, calendar entries or tasks lists.

Mobile WebMail

The Mobile WebMail interface enables users to access their WebMail account from mobile phones. If the connecting browser is recognized as a mobile phone browser, the Axigen WebMail service will serve the light XHTML version instead of the standard/Ajax WebMail pages, allowing users to check their emails, compose messages, download attachments and much more.