Solution Overview

Axigen Documentation

Axigen is an integrated email, calendaring, and collaboration platform, masterfully built on advanced mail server technologies for increased speed and security. It is a fully self-developed solution, truly innovative in several respects, particularly scalable and configurable. The messaging platform offers the entire range of mail services – SMTP, POP3, IMAP, WebMail – includes a List server, Logging, Reporting, and FTP Backup modules and provides various, flexible administration options (including a central Web administration interface – WebAdmin).

Axigen provides users with effective time-management tools such as personal and public calendars, tasks, and notes, available from WebMail, CalDAV / CardDAV and ActiveSync compatible clients, and MS Outlook. Advanced collaboration functionalities enable users to share their emails, tasks and appointments by granting colleagues permissions to read, write, delete, or perform other actions on the content of mailbox folders of choice, by viewing others' availability (free / busy) status or delegating the right to send messages in their name to co-workers.

OS Compatibility

Developed initially for Linux, Axigen is currently available for RedHat Enterprise, CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux, as well as Docker and Windows. Please check our website for an up-to-date list of supported platforms.

Axigen uses MPA (Multi Platform Architecture), a proprietary cutting-edge technology that allows porting Axigen's high-performance mail server on multiple platforms while keeping the same set of features. This makes it possible to adapt the product to any demanded platform, while still guaranteeing stability, and makes it easier for users to switch to a different platform, whenever their requirements change.

Integrated Messaging Platform

Axigen is an all-in-one, turnkey messaging platform and a great alternative to open source. It is also modular, as it can run with any number of services inhibited. For instance, if you only want to run the SMTP service, Axigen can run with all other services inhibited by allocating all processing threads to SMTP. Thus, Axigen can accommodate any usage scenario - main mail server, backup server, mail relay server.

High Configurability

Built with system administrators’ needs in mind, Axigen provides you with unmatched configuration possibilities. For each and every Axigen module and feature, you can fine tune connection control, client management and make advanced settings at domain / account level.

Innovative Storage

Axigen UltraStorageTM ensures an effective space management. Using a unique technology that allows storing messages in a special directory structure, Axigen guarantees an effective, fast email flow and optimized space-saving. This innovative storage architecture, doubled by similar queue architecture, with RAM cached index based access, reduces I/O operations and disk access. Messages are stored in container files, a proprietary format that supports an effective space-saving filling procedure, allowing you to specify the locations and the number of directories / files allowed for message storage.

Advanced Security Tools

In terms of security, Axigen GrowSecureTM grants a safe reception, transit and delivery of email. The Axigen messaging platform comes with an extensive, customizable security toolset. Messages can be filtered at server, domain or user level via a variety of filters, including anti-virus / anti-spam, anti-spoofing (SPF authentication), DomainKeys and custom SIEVE scripts, Identity Confirmation, blacklisting, whitelisting, greylisting or country filtering. For extra email protection, Axigen can integrate with virtually any commercial security application requested by users.

Automation Options

Axigen addresses automation requirements of system administrators by providing you with an alternative configuration interface - CLI (Command Line Interface). Apart from being an alternate method of performing basic configuration tasks, CLI automates repetitive tasks, which can be really time-consuming when performed manually. Automatic domain data migration is also available in WebAdmin, where you can easily set migration related parameters.

Clustering Support

Axigen allows you to route SMTP, POP, and IMAP connections to different machines running our messaging solutions. This feature is based on the integration of Axigen with OpenLDAP and it makes use of the SMTP In, POP3 Proxy and IMAP Proxy services. This feature enables you to spread mailboxes on several Axigen servers and have a separate machine that routes POP3/IMAP connections to the appropriate mailbox server.

Another important feature of the OpenLDAP integration with the Axigen mail server is the LDAP Authentication mechanism. This method is available for all the Axigen services that require authentication: SMTP In, POP3, IMAP, WebMail, POP3 Proxy and IMAP Proxy.

Last but not least, synchronization of accounts and groups can be performed with LDAP using three synchronization methods: from Axigen to LDAP, from LDAP to Axigen and both ways, for saving time when making record changes.

These are some of the distinctive Axigen features – to read more about them, their configuration procedures and many more facilities and configuration options provided by Axigen, browse through this online documentation.