Administration Tools Overview

Axigen Documentation

The Axigen mail server provides several alternatives for mail server administration.


WebAdmin is a central administration Web interface that allows configuring the mailserver using a tab-organized GUI. Allowing secure access (HTTPS protocol), WebAdmin provides fully described parameters (long description, default values, possible values, suggested values). WebAdmin allows configuring the email server remotely, over the Internet and provides access to most parameters for every module. This configuration method is highly intuitive, has a fast learning curve and can be used by anyone with users-level skills.

CLI — Command Line Configuration Interface

CLI is a TCP service with specified dedicated socket accessible using Telnet applications and Netcat. CLI provides added functionality as, apart from providing an alternate method of performing basic configuration tasks, it allows automating administration tasks using scripts (adding users, migration).

Delegated Administration

Delegated administration enables the easy creation of administrative groups, with predetermined membership hierarchies and permissions, assigned to specific domains. Administrative users can further be created within one or more of the available groups. An administrative user will then automatically inherit the parameters of the group it is being created in. Administrative users can be assigned to one or more groups with a few mouse clicks. Membership can be limited or expanded by you at any time.

Permissions are assigned to each user through a "Quick Add" button and allow in-depth configuration. Fine-tune user access by allowing or denying permissions at server and domain management level. For example, a certain user cannot create accounts or access the WebMail service, while being able to create public folders and configure CLI service parameters.

Delegated administration options are implemented by Axigen's AACL module, which comes with a distinct storage that handles permissions for all administrative users.

Config File

The configuration file allows you to perform extensive configuration by manually editing this text file – axigen.cfg. This administration method allows fine tuning the server functioning to existing hardware configuration and mailing requirements. Experienced System Administrators have a readily accessible method of setting both basic and very advanced parameters directly, without going through an administration interface.