Axigen Documentation

WebAdmin Service Overview

Axigen WebAdmin is the recommended administration tool for Axigen. While alternative methods are provided (Command Line Interface, text-editable configuration file), WebAdmin is the most intuitive and user-friendly tool. WebAdmin is a web-based configuration interface, tested for Mozilla and Internet Explorer, which gives you access to all configuration parameters for all services in the Axigen messaging solution. Functionally, it is considered an Axigen service, and it can be started and stopped at any time.

WebAdmin is enabled by default in the latest versions of Axigen, and can be accessed by default on the address.

Thread Management

Axigen can run on a large variety of systems and machines, in networks with very different traffic loads, structures, domain configurations, user rights, authorization procedures, etc. Depending on your specific network specifications and conditions, you can adapt the workload to the server's processing power, in order to prevent a system overload or to improve server performance by setting different numbers of processing threads for the WebAdmin service, depending on your traffic load. First, you need to set a number of threads to be allotted when the WebAdmin service is started. To efficiently manage peak periods, a corresponding number of threads is allotted for overloads caused by high traffic.

Log Control

Just like all the other Axigen main services, the WebAdmin module can log different types of events. You can specify what events are logged, where and how they are logged.

WebAdmin Flow Control

In WebAdmin, to efficiently manage the traffic flow, you can allow a maximum number of simultaneous connection, a maximum number of connection from a distinct remote IP, and further fine tune your options by limiting the number of total connections or connection from a certain IP in a given time frame.

HTTP Protocol Options for WebAdmin

WebAdmin allows you to set HTTP limits for any request made to the WebAdmin service. This prevents you from automatically accepting excessive amounts of data (HTTP headers, HTTP body, and upload data).

Session Options for WebAdmin

In WebAdmin, you can impose time limits on sessions, either active or idle. By doing this, you can better manage security and resource related issues.