Remote POP

Axigen Documentation

The Axigen RPOP module establishes remote POP connections to already existing email accounts and retrieves all incoming traffic into the Axigen account.

Each Axigen account user can configure and add RPOP connections when connected to WebMail. In order to establish such a connection, the user must specify the hostname and the port for the existing email account, as well as the username and the password required to login. Users can choose the folder to which the retrieved emails will be directed, the time interval between subsequent retrievals and if the email is deleted from the remote account or not after being transferred. Encryption options are also available.


All Axigen main services can log different types of events. You can specify what events are logged, where and how they are logged.

Thread Management

The Axigen messaging solution is designed to run on different machine configurations and operating systems, on networks with various traffic loads, structures, domain configurations, user rights etc. That is why, depending on all these variables, you can adapt the workload to the server’s processing power, in order to improve its performance or avoid overload by setting the minimum and maximum number of threads that can be opened at a specific moment of time.