Admin Delegation

Axigen Documentation

Axigen features Administration Rights options, which enable the easy creation of administrative groups, with predetermined membership hierarchies and permissions, assigned to specific domains. The WebAdmin Administration Rights section gives access to parameters configuring the behavior of such administrative users or imposing the limitations for each type of administrative user created.

  • Server level permissions – delegated administrators access level can be controlled by setting specific server-level permissions like: manage server configuration, manage services, manage backup, manage reporting, manage delegated administration etc.

  • Domain / subdomain level permissions – domain administrators may have full permissions for a domain or a limited set, such as: manage accounts, manage groups, manage public folders or manage filters. The same permissions may be granted on a sub-domain level.

  • Domain / subdomain level restrictions – these restrictions limit the maximum number of users, maximum quota per user, etc. that a domain administrator may use for a specific domain. The same restrictions may be enforced on a sub-domain level.

  • Subdomain administration – all the permissions and limitations set on domain level are automatically used when creating sub-domains that can further be administered as standalone domains. You can enforce the maximum number of sub-domains that a domain administrator is allowed to create.

  • Delegated backup – delegated administrators may download backups of their domains.