Queue Management

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The Axigen mail storage uses a proprietary technology which optimizes the space and mail flow. This innovative storage architecture, doubled by a similar queue architecture, with index based access reduces I/O operations and disk access. Messages are stored in container files, a proprietary format that supports an effective space-saving filling procedure, allowing you to specify the locations and number of directories/files allowed for message storage.

The messages received from SMTP clients are stored in a queue that is processed by Axigen according to specific rules. Different operations can be executed on this queue, such as inspecting the queue, specifying/modifying the path where the queue is stored, setting the maximum number of queue subdirectories, processing size (number of messages) and number of local delivery threads for local SMTP transactions.

Using the "mqview" tool to view statuses for messages in the queue

The Axigen queue contains for each message stored in the queue, besides the message itself, a file with a status report for the message. You can view the status report for the files currently in the Axigen queue using the "mqview" tool:

Solution 1:

Solution 2:

Each of these commands displays an output similar to the one below:

Mail Queue view of file ../00/S5F4E

Another example of the "mqview" tool is available here.