SMTP Sending

Axigen Documentation

The SMTP Sending module is responsible for sending messages directly to message recipients. Axigen SMTP Sending uses DNR (Domain Name Resolver) for mapping domain names to IP addresses and includes complete rescheduling procedures.

SMTP Outgoing Module Overview

By default, Axigen is configured not to allow open relaying. This means that the server does not automatically dispatch mail that is neither for nor from a local user. By using client management, SMTP Sending blocks spammers' attempts to relay large quantities of mail.

Routing Rules

Configuring Routing Rules allows you to customize SMTP Sending actions for all or a part of the transmitted email communication.

If Axigen fails to send messages to a specific domain because this domain was down for some time, when the domain is up again, the first message that goes successfully to that domain will also queue the rest of the pending messages from the queue and will force delivery of all messages.


All Axigen main services can log different types of events. You can specify what events are logged, where and how they are logged.

Thread Management

The Axigen messaging solution is designed to run on different machine configurations and operating systems, on networks with various traffic loads, structures, domain configurations, user rights, etc. That is why, depending on all these variables, you can adapt the workload to the server’s processing power to improve its performance or avoid overload by setting the minimum and maximum number of threads that can be opened at a specific moment of time.