IPv6 Support

Axigen Documentation

IPv6 support is available starting starting with Axigen X (10.0).

Axigen is able to operate in dual stack (IPv4 / IPv6) environments.

Any incoming services can be enabled to operate over IPv6 by adding TCP/IP listeners (via CLI or WebAdmin) for IPv6 addresses. The SMTP outgoing service has to be configured via CLI for Axigen to use the IPv6 network (the configuration to use IPv6 in SMTP outgoing is off by default).

IPv6 Enabled Services

  • WebMail (via IPv6 TCP listener, HTTP, and HTTPS)

  • Mobile, standard and Ajax interfaces

  • ActiveSync

  • CardDAV

  • WebAdmin (via IPv6 TCP listener, HTTP and HTTPS)

  • SMTP Outgoing

  • SMTP Incoming

  • IMAP

  • POP3

  • IMAP proxy

  • POP3 proxy

  • CLI

Non-IPv6 Enabled Services 

  • Migration

  • CLIAPI (the PHP wrapper over the CLI interface)

  • Clustering

    • Cluster members can only communicate over IPv4

    • IMAP and POP3 proxies can only communicate to backend services over IPv4

  • GeoIP filtering