Message Routing Policies

Axigen Documentation

To further fine-tune email communication management at SMTP level, the Axigen messaging solution implements routing rules.

The routing rules correspond to the Processing and SMTP Outgoing modules and enable you to define the NDR (Non-Delivery Receipt) text and the conditions when such a message is returned (for example, send NDR responses when the specified recipient of an email message is invalid). You can also customize SMTP Outgoing actions for all or part of the relayed email communication, such as:

  • establish a certain address where all emails from a certain domain are relayed, or

  • specify a username / password authentication before relaying emails to a certain address.

For further information, see the dedicated section in this chapter.

The routing rules can contain any number of predefined options, thus being easily adapted to various security requirements.

These rules are defined using an Axigen proprietary scripting language and are at this time contained, along with the Message Acceptance Rules scripts, in a single file per installed server. They can also be created automatically via the WebAdmin Wizard. For details on the options available in the WebAdmin Wizard, please see the corresponding section.

A wide range of event handlers associated with the SMTP events are available, along with various methods, message headers, envelopes and peer information are available when defining routing rules.

The events defined for the routing rules and their contexts are as follows:

  • Event → Context

  • onRelay → SMTP Outgoing

  • onDeliveryFailure → Processing

  • onTemporaryDeliveryFailure → Processing